Monday, November 1, 2010

Wait, animals can have allergies too?!

  1. Don't feed your dog cheap kibble
    • Believe it or not, cheap dog food makes dogs sick. enough said.
  2.  Don't bathe your dog with human shampoo.
    • A human's skin is much oilier than a dog's. Using human shampoo on a dog will dry his skin out and cause him to itch and scratch. This could lead to a variety of other problems.
  3. Brush your dog's teeth.
    • Start brushing when he is a puppy and it will be a much tolerable process for the duration of his life
    • Brushing teeth could potentially avoid an expensive dental
  4. Walk your dog!
    • Don't be surprised when you get a puppy and he seems to have unending energy. Be prepared to walk or even run your dog on a daily basis.
    • Daily walks could also help prevent restless behavior at home.
    • If you work all day, don't have a yard, and don't want to walk your dog, then please don't get a Weimaraner and wonder why it is tearing your house apart.

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